What to Expect

Don’t be concerned if your new mattress doesn’t feel comfortable right away. A new mattress requires time to break in, much like a new pair of shoes. Both you and your new mattress must get used to each other!

You might feel a slight difference between your new mattress and the one in the showroom at first. Your mattress hasn’t been gently used like the mattresses on the showroom floor.

It’s normal to notice some impressions on the surface of a new mattress during the first few months of use. This indicates that your new mattress is conforming to your body, as it should, and shouldn’t be considered a sign that something is wrong.

white bed on wood frame
zipping up mattress cover

How to Care For Your New Mattress

A proper foundation/box spring is crucial to the performance of a mattress. A new mattress shouldn’t be placed on an old box spring. Using this method will significantly reduce the life of the mattress, and it may void its warranty as well.

For optimal mattress performance, it’s also crucial to have a good bed frame. The bed frame must have enough support in the center that touches the floor in order to prevent the mattress from bowing in the middle.

You should rotate your new mattress monthly so that it wears evenly, breaks in properly, and lives up to its full potential. Although it may sound excessive, a mattress is an investment that should be properly maintained. To ensure your new mattress matures and wears evenly, rotate it once a month for six months, then quarterly after that.

What’s the Difference?

body impressions
  • The mattress will conform to the body’s shape and may give the mattress a slightly uneven appearance
  • Body impressions at or under 1 1/2″ do not indicate defective mattress wear.
  • The mattress loses shape and bottoms out, leaving deep sagging and loss of support.
  • Sagging deeper than 1 1/2″ indicates a defective mattress.

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