Organic Latex Mattress


Providing the Mattresses, Colorado and beyond have trusted, for 12 years!

We harvest only the best Indian latex for our durable Organic mattresses. Created in such a way as to eliminate pressure point and create a supportive long-lasting mattress. We only use 100% natural organic latex. We have found in this application, support, pressure relief and longevity, the milk from the Para Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is the only way to go.


Our Latex mattresses are also available in 6" custom sizes for Rv and trailers, truck beds, waterbed inserts and antique frames. We have designed these mattresses for a long-lasting 20 year 3/4" impression. The Lodo collection gives comfort that delivers customer satisfaction. We made these mattresses with the comfort live exceeding what any other mattress can do.  Not only are these mattresses organic, but we made them flippable for a double-sided (two-sided mattress, 2 sided mattress) durability.