Comfort Level


We have a firm-O-meter for you to narrow down your search. In the store, it is referred to as a comfort test, or find your comfort level, the idea is to go back and forth through the 3 primary feels (cushion firm, medium and plush) to figure out what works best for you. We are looking to the pros and cons of the purpose of this bed in your home. For instance, with our older crowd, they find more comfort in the firmer beds, so they have a stronger seating edge when they want to get out of bed in the morning, while a softer mattress, for some of them, will relieve more pressure points, this is what is comfortable for them. 

Extra Firm is for back sleepers that are comfortable with stiff, more solid. A mattress you could bounce a quarter off of. This is also going to provide the best seating edge because the foam is as firm as they sell. The mattress will not give more than a centimeter.

Firm category is for back and stomach sleepers that need just the minimum amount of cushion or soft in the uppermost layer. This mattress style keeps the support of the extra firm but allows for one in a half centimeter conforming. Popular among active lean body types for side sleeping as well. 

Medium is for everyone as far as not to hard, not to soft it is just right. Typical of a good hotel bed, this is an all over winner. If tossing and turning or going from side sleeping to back sleeping, this category is highly recommended. We have found that this is the best for guest beds or newlywed. 

Plush Cushion addresses deep pressure point, (pins and needles) relief. Whether it is shoulders or hips, the softer density foam allows for sweet release.

Super Plush is the ideal for weightless surrender.