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Hybrid memory or latex innerspring mattress

Jul 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

What is a Hybrid? Who even knows anymore! The hybrid innerspring mattress term has been thrown around since the industry came out with the first models 15 years ago with their NXG line. What a beautiful idea it was! (But the returns from the foam encasement bowing out was a nightmare, and one of the reasons we don’t do foam encasement on any of our beds.) This product had a flat top, no pillow fibers so you could lay directly on the premium foams, either latex, memory foam or both starting at $1999. Since then, there have been huge breakthroughs with the Kevlar socks that are not only great for the natural fire barriers but also keeping all the layers together. As with any knock offs on the market, there are good and bad. What I look for in these new flat tops are the same as with any mattress I try. Is the premium foam on top?

Here is our list of basic to premium: 

Memory Foam Version

  1. 12″ Speer Extra Firm
  2. 12″ Speer Plush

Latex Foam Version

  1. Larimer Street Firm
  2. Larimer Street Medium

Our version of the Both latex foam and memory foam product is our Bonnie Brae Collection minus the Innerspring. These mattresses are in our best platinum line. A 6″ durable natural latex core with varying amounts of hypoallergic memory foam for the comfort layer with a cooling top.

Cooling Memory Foam with Latex Core

  1. 12″ Cherry Creek Memory & Latex Firm
  2. 12″ Bonnie Brae Memory & Latex Medium
  3. 12″ Polo Club Memory & Latex Soft

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