About Us

I started this company with my partner. When we parted, he took SleepNation and I started My SleepUnion. I want to promotes healthy sleep by using the latest in ECO-Friendly technology. Our foams are made from natural oils (castor, vegetable, latex) which are not only sustainable and off gas less, but are also denser by composition, thus increasing the life of the mattress.

We have teamed up with Thera-Pedic, an ECO-Friendly mattress manufacturer, and have created an assortment of unique mattresses that will provide healthy sleep for any budget.

Typically, ECO-Friendly means more expensive, but not here! The Manufacture is right here in Denver, so we don’t have to pay shipping fees on top of our product cost, allowing us to offer a better natural mattress, for a better price.

At My Sleep Union, we study sleep, not sales. You can buy a mattress anywhere. Come see why you should buy it from us!

Our "Rest Assured" Guarantee And What To Expect From Your New Mattress  



Please call or email us with any questions or comments.