About Us

When I was looking for a new bed after a snowboarding accident 20 years ago, I found a memory foam mattress that relieved my pain, but started giving me headaches. I started my company 12 years ago with the desire to bring hypoallergic products to my fellow Coloradans. We bring you products that will energize you with a great night sleep. 

Usually ECO-Friendly means more expensive, but not here! The Manufacture is right here in Denver, so we don’t have to pay shipping fees on top of our product cost, allowing us to offer a better natural mattress, for a better price.

At Sleep Union, we study sleep, not sales. You can buy a mattress anywhere. Come see why you should buy it from us!

Our "Rest Assured" Guarantee And What To Expect From Your New Mattress  



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Plant Foams and Organic Fabric Affordable Budget Friendly
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Made in Colorado We care about your comfort
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We care about your sleep We love what we do
We recycle your old bed  

Please call or email us with any questions or comments.


Our Partners


Mile High Workshop Nonprofit hires people that are just looking for clean start. They creates our EverPillow. Organic Hypoallergic Latex Customizable Pillow brings the 30% of your bodies weight off your neck creating weightless alignment for sleep. 


When I heard the static that the most satisfied mattress customers replace their bed every 3 years, I was shocked. First, why are the mattress that are out there breaking down so quickly? Second, where are these mattresses going? We partnered with Spring Back Nonprofit to make sure these mattresses are not going into landfills. These wonderful people dissemble the mattresses to their raw parts and recycle them into their usable pieces.  If the mattress still has life when we pick it up, we are able to donate these mattress to people who are not able to purchase one. 



Sleep Tight Colorado is our donation partner for our fellow homeless Coloradans. We take new and gently used sleeping bags and monthly items that can help were we can.