Register your Mattress

Welcome to the SleepNation customer family! You may register your new mattress below, that way we have record of your purchase in the unlikely event of an issue with any potential defect.

To register your product, submit the form below:

File a Warranty Claim

Mattress warranty covers manufacturer defects beyond normal wear and tear, most commonly sagging deeper than 1.5". Mattress losing perceived comfort is not warrant-able.


Prior to filing claim, make sure to check the following as it will void your mattresses warranty:

  • Stain on the mattress
  • Bed frame without center supports touching floor
  • Non matching box spring
  • Rip or tear in mattress
  • Law Tag removed
  • Special size or custom mattress

To file your mattress claim please fill out below form including the following pictures:

  1. Picture of mattress without bedding
  2. Picture of platform frame or box foundation without mattress on it
  3. Picture of Law Tag on mattress
  4. Picture of metal frame under box if applicable
  5. Best picture of defect, for sagging please lay flat object across mattress (like a broom stick) and take a tape measure to measure largest defect (not in tuft.) Please take as many pictures as you need with this one

Comfort Exchange

If you feel you may have selected the wrong mattress, you are in the right place! Please read below, fill in all requested information, then we will contact you promptly to find a solution!  

If your new mattress is not comfortable right away, don’t be concerned. Much like a new pair of shoes, a new mattress needs time to break in. You must get used to your new mattress, and your new mattress must get used to you!

Your new mattress may feel slightly different at first than the mattress in the showroom. Do not be alarmed. This is because the mattresses on the showroom floor have been gently used, and yours  has not.

Rotating your new mattress monthly will help it wear evenly, break in properly and help your new mattress live its fullest life. This may sound excessive, but a mattress is an investment and should be properly taken care of.